Capture the Season: Week 5 in Review

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This week at Capture the Season, our 6 week e-course on simple holiday memory keeping, we covered:

I’m finding that these prompts help me dig deeper and find more meaning in my photos. I’m not only telling stories, but sharing feelings about these memories.

Did you tackle this week’s assignment? Here’s the prompt again:

Though its been many years since we celebrated Christmas at my grandparents’ house, some of my most vivid memories are of my small family gathered in their living room. As a child, I would look out their big picture window at the snow gently falling on the rose bushes and bird feeders. I can still picture the holiday decorations in that room as I now place their keepsake ornaments on my own tree. Think about the holiday places and spaces that hold deep meaning to you. Use all five senses in your writing to bring that location to life.

I’ve been so lucky to have friends and family surround me quite often during this holiday season. While there is always much to do, I can certainly say that I did my best to squeeze every ounce of sweetness from December 2009. For this prompt, I’m going to pull some of my best images from the past 5 weeks. A head-start on my journaling:

  • I love the sound of children gleefully playing with their new toys.
  • I love the sweet taste of a decadent dessert prepared for a party.
  • I love the sight of freshly fallen snow, blanketing my neighborhood.
  • I love the smell of crackling bacon and monkey bread early in the morning.
  • I love of the feel of having my best friend visit me in my small college town.

What do you love and how does it sound, taste, look, smell or feel?

Photo by hlkjgk

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