How to kick your lists up a notch

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When it comes to quick and easy journaling, nothings beat a basic list. Developing your journaling as a list lets you get to the point quickly and also gives you a number of decorative options for creative formatting.

While there are any number of lists you can create, you can basically lump them into two broad categories:

  1. lists of people, places, or objects (nouns): favorite Christmas carols, people who attended your office Christmas party, items your son/daughter asked for on their Christmas list
  2. lists of actions (verbs): favorite winter activities, favorite things to do as a family during Christmas

Your lists can consist of single-word items (the items you served for your Christmas dinner) or phrases. Whatever option you choose, make sure to stick with that same format for your entire list. You want to create a list that focuses on a single topic and follows a theme. Otherwise, you lose cohesion and the whole list just falls apart.

My best advice, when it comes to creating lists that look like more than just a collection of random images, is to get specific. Don’t write about the entire pizza. In fact, don’t even write about one slice of pizza. Get down to the ingredients on the pizza. It’s called narrowing your focus, and following that advice can really help you zone in on the kinds of specific details that will really bring your lists to life.

A fun note about organization: This is a perfect opportunity for you to use flashy jewels or cute Christmas elements as the “bullets” for your list items. Also, experiment with different fonts — a handwritten font will replicate the look of actual handwritten journaling, lending a touch of authenticity to your list.

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