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December 5, 2009


I strategically planned my trip to Target today to coincide with our local large university’s final home football game of the year. I figured that half of our small town would be at the game and the other half, watching it on TV.

Well, I failed to recall the sheer chaos of Saturdays during December. The store and its parking lot were completely packed as I arrived, the score tied at a record-high of 45-45. As I departed, it appeared that the entire crowd from the game was descending upon Chili’s and Target.

The hustle and bustle part of the holiday season is here and if we let it, it can quench some of that seasonal joy. Travel about town takes longer than normal. Stores are out of the hot items. We bake the 10th tray of cookies and they just don’t seem as sweet.

Couple this chaos with a blanket of fresh snow, and we long to hunker down for the duration. The crisp, freshness of our home’s decor begins to wane. The hand-chopped tree starts to lose a few needles, and then more than a few. The knick-knacks gather a fine layer of dust.

I’m not trying to strangle the beauty from the most wonderful time of the year. Rather, I wish to encourage you to not procrastinate in your memory keeping. Take the time to photograph your decorations while they are still placed just-so. Capture the magic while its as close to perfect as it can be. Take a step back, slow down and really live in the moment. Hang those first few Christmas cards and keep the tape handy for the next arrivals. Spend some time with your feelings and a journal.

The crowds will still be there for you to fight next weekend!

Photo by ktylerconk

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