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December 12, 2009


At the beginning of Capture the Season, we talked about gathering your essential supplies. This post will offer an extension of those concepts, helping you be at-the-ready for holiday memory keeping. Like any good scout, I want you to always “be prepared”.

This week’s assignment suggests that you gather quotes, serious or funny, from your friends and family to supplement your journaling. If this isn’t a habit, then here are 3 easy ways you can capture these moments.

1. Keep a notebook handy. Or keep notebooks everywhere you go. Or just jot it down on any slip of paper you can find and shove it in a safe place. The point is to recognize a great quote and automatically think to write it down, however you can.

2. Use your phone. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can save that great saying as a draft text message. If you do have email access on your phone, send yourself a reminder of what was said.

3. Ask for help. Be direct with your loved ones about what you’re trying to do. Pass out notecards and ask them all to write down a few thoughts. If you have a video camera, film their responses!

Bonus Tip: Many phones also have voice recorders, so you can tape yourself or someone else sharing an anecdote!

This holiday season, figure out a new way that works for you to document what other people say. Carry that method into the new year for even-more-productive memory keeping!

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