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I get asked frequently to provide tips and tutorials for new designers. Readers want to know how to create papers, extract images and draw with a tablet. I am committed to providing the information you crave, but frankly, I have no idea how to do these things!

So we’ll start with a discussion on great resources for new designers. I’ve heard that Hummie’s tutorials and forums are a good option and there is a lot of support to be had in DST’s designer forum. I’ve also had two unique products mentioned as go-to references:

1. Inside the Scrap Artist Studio with Amanda Rockwell: A forum with tutorials, exclusive downloads and a coupon to Amanda Rockwell’s CU shop.

2. An Insider’s Guide to Designing by Studio Wendy: A PDF e-book, grab bag of designer resources and a coupon to Studio Wendy.

Designers: What’s your take on these resources? What other information or education sources would you recommend for someone interested in digital designing? What is the best way to get started?

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  1. EBPitcher

    Not a designer, but I know that JessicaSprague.com is starting a class on Wacom tablets on Feb 1st in case anyone’s interested. There’s still time to sign up.

  2. Amy

    I second Wendy’s e-book! It’s a fantastic resource, particularly for those new to designing!

  3. Hummie

    You made my day! And it’s the first thing in the morning…so the whole day is ahead of me!

    • Jennifer

      Yay…that’s my goal…to make someone’s day, every day!

  4. Dawn

    I can attest to Hummie’s tutorials. And not just in the designer area. There is a wealth of information there and you could get lost for hours just learning things that you never thought it was possible to do!
    Hummie truly is a wonderful teacher! I feel that I have grown in leaps in bounds, and I know it is because of her!!
    You get access to soooooo much for just a mere subscription fee of $5.50 a month. You won’t find that anywhere else!!


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