Scrapping the season: Part 2

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Are you ready to get back to the routines of “normal” life? My answer is sorta. I’m ready to feel that rhythm of life again, but I have so loved all the sleeping in. It’s going to be hard to get up tomorrow morning!

I want you to take this last day of holiday season to bring everything together. You can scrap if you like. More importantly, you will get organized for super-easy scrapping over this next week.

Step 2: Your Pieces

You’ve documented your memories, selected your supplies and edited your photos. Take the next step by setting up your templates with the journaling you’ve already completed and photos you’ve selected.

I find that focusing on the words and images first allows me to be both more creative and more thoughtful in my scrapping. Plus, this batch-scrapping technique will leave you with six works in progress you can tackle as time allows during this hectic week back!

So tell me, where are you in this process?

Photo by powi

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