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I‘m so excited about a new series I’ll be starting in March: 21 ways to tell your story. These posts will share new and not-so-new tools and techniques to make memory keeping easier and more fun.

The posts will cover low-tech to high-tech ideas and everything in between. The idea is to show you all the different ways you can capture and preserve your story, i.e. all the ways you can feel more “caught up.” I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for this, but can you help me finish?

    • photo albums
    • paper scrapbooking
    • hybrid scrapbooking
    • digital scrapbooking
    • mini books
    • photo books
    • photo art
    • photo-sharing sites like Flickr
    • Whrrl
    • blogging/vlogging
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • capture tools like Evernote
    • art journaling
    • journaling with pen & paper
    • memorabilia/ephemera

      What are some unique approaches to memory keeping? Are there sub-categories of topics already mentioned I should highlight further?

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      1. Stacia

        Great list! Here are a couple of other things:

        * Have you looked at ThisMoment.com? I heard about it from Stacy Julian (awhile ago) and it seems like such a cool idea. Would love to do some family history work using it, for example.

        * Something else I use is Microsoft OneNote – which sounds similar to EverNote maybe…? (I’ve never used EverNote so not sure) I *love* it for capturing bits and pieces, snippets of family history that I happen to run across or Web sites that look worth digging into further. Just all kinds of stuff. I also use it a LOT for developing my digital scrapbooking skills – noting sites and online videos to learn specific techniques for PSE, for example. capturing step-by-steps so I don’t have to dig back and find that place on a Web site again, etc.

        • Jennifer

          These are fabulous ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.

      2. Elisabeth

        * LOVE OneNote, been using it for a couple of years. I use it for everything, including layout ideas, stories, among other things.
        * Been using posterous to get my stories down while they’re fresh.
        * Facebook is great for sharing stories with friends and families. Rather than just posting photos, which I do, I also post little stories. The feedback I get from my family: they enjoy the stories as much as the photos.
        * Movies: such as Windows Live Movie Maker (which is free). Great for photos + music to tell a story of a wonderful day or a meaningful event.

        Looking forward to this feature on your blog!

        • Jennifer

          posterous is new to me.. seems similar to Tumblr. I think these sort of lifestream pseudo-blogs are another great category!


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