Digital scrapbooking offers freedom for experimentation not totally possible with paper, scissors and glue. We’re seeing more and more of fun approaches to digital style in the galleries. Here are 8 layouts I’m loving and what new techniques you can learn from them.

:: Try cropping with a new angle (Today and always by Janka)

:: Re-think background positioning & size ([cutie] by kissncontrol)

:: Offer new perspective on your page (A day under the sunshine by Lauralys)

:: Tuck elements inside of other shapes (Walking with his Baby by pewtertm)

:: Use paint smudges to emphasize text (Valentine’s Day by Carolee)

:: Think about what’s underneath (My Lucky Charm by liljatr)

:: Be strategic with shadowing (Remember These Moments by aussiekat)

:: Don’t forget the power of photo-less scrapping (Off Air by tettletop20)

What new digital scrapbooking ideas have you tried recently?

This month we’re exploring 21 ways to tell your story. #1. Photo albums. #2. Paper scrapbooking. #3. Hybrid scrapbooking. #4. Digital scrapbooking.