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This month we’re looking at creative approaches to memory keeping in 21 ways to tell your story. In today’s post, we’ll explore some options for focusing on your own words. Traditional and art journaling are two approaches that take photos out of the equation and let your story shine.

When you were a little girl, did you keep a diary? In looking back at my childhood writing, I get a snapshot of my joys and sorrows. These are often stories that no photos captured.

For the same reason that I encourage photo-less scrapbook layouts, there are so many important parts of our lives that the camera doesn’t see. Journaling can help preserve these stories.

If you’re like me, having a special place to write makes the habit easier to form. Here are a couple of beautiful options:

Sometimes, its hard to know what to write about. Guided journals/workbooks can help facilitate the flow of words.

Art journaling takes your words to another level. It provides a creative, artistic outlet free from the perfectionist-tendencies of scrapbooking.

I’m seeing more and more creative bloggers talking about art journaling and there are so many recently-released print books to help you get started and provide inspiration for your next page.

For more regular inspiration, one of Somerset’s huge line of creatively-inspired magazines is Art Journaling. This quarterly publication shares an endless array of techniques for combining art and story on the page.

The power of Photoshop has helped digital art journaling grow in popularity. Pattie Knox teaches a class at Get It Scrapped or you can participate in the year-long Art Journal Caravan at Scrapbookgraphics. Here are some beautiful examples from the gallery:

I think its important for scrapbookers to sometimes step away from the photos and focus on expression. Whether this is with a photo-less layout, a blog post, a written journal entry or an art journal page, your heart needs this outlet.

Do you journal? Have you tried art journaling?

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