Three tools for simple storytelling

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Simple Tip Saturdays are all about giving easy ideas for you to grab and run.

This week’s post puts us nearer the end of our 21 ways to tell a story series. I want to give you a little tip about three tools.

If you live online, these three applications can help you plan your scrapbooking: Evernote, springpad and Google Spreadsheets.

  • Try Evernote if you want a super-portable tool to capture every inspiration.
  • Try springpad if you want to share wish lists and to-do lists with friends.
  • Try Google Spreadsheets if you love minimalist DIY solutions.

By using a digital application, you can keep favorite products, fresh ideas, and family memories in the same place you scrap.

Have you tried one of these tools? Do you do anything to plan your scrapping? Tell us what works for you.

I think we’re going to move the Mister Linky to {free friday finds} because ya’ll aren’t very chatty on Saturdays. Does that work?

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. breeoxd

    Im all about the log your memory system- check it out!

  2. Melissa

    I use log your memory and a simple list!

    I try to stick with a yearly challenge that I really want to do (eg Finish a Photobook @ and that motivates me


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