Spoiler Alert: The Secrets of LOST

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OMG, I can’t believe it! Tonight’s episode of LOST will probably not resolve all of my questions, leaving me to lament about it on Twitter.

Oopsie… can you forgive me? While I’ve got you here though… you might consider subscribing to Simple Scrapper’s monthly newsletter.

This Friday, I’m sharing all of my  photo editing secrets, a hot new organizing tip and this never-before-seen template:

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  1. EBPitcher

    That was so cruel! I’m already subscribed!

  2. Lorry

    Yay! Elmer the elephant! 😀

  3. Ang

    Some of the greatest one-liners last night! (these are probably not worded exactly)

    Sawyer to “Locke”: Because THAT would be ridiculous.

    Lapidus to Miles: Says the man who hears dead people.

    Lapidus to group: Don’t talk about bacon.

    Hurley to group: I don’t think she want’s to go with us.

    • Jennifer

      I didn’t LOVE last night’s episode, but I think its hard to follow up to the big reveal of Richard’s story.

      I do agree though, there were a lot of light-hearted moments. It’s almost to a point where the show is making fun of itself.

  4. Your One and Only

    You are such a sweetheart! LYL!


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