Now we all know that I’m not a super duper Photoshop expert. I know a few tricks here and there, but I’m learning right along with all of you!

One of the techniques I’ve been playing with is making spot adjustments to the eyes to make them sparkle or “pop”. The trick is to keep the adjustments subtle so that the eyes don’t look fake. I’ve discovered it is easier than I thought.

Here are a couple of tutorials/approaches for editing the eyes on a digital photo. I like to offer a variety of sources, even if some of the techniques are similar. I find it helps to read/hear instructions multiple times to get the hang of a new process.

Do you spend special time on the eyes in your portraits? What is the approach you swear by?

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. tzigane

    i have just started really doing this. and the one i use most often is Pioneer Womans. I love how easy she has made it for me. I tried using other ones but i couldn’t get them figured out. However, some of the titles you linked to sound interesting so I am going to go check them out. And I am going to read the tutorial by Coffee and Tea Photography. THanks for sharing!

  2. Sandra

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, I have always wondered how to do this properly, like you I am self taught (and still with ‘L’ plates). S0metimes I just can’t get my head around examples, but these are great. Thanks for sharing these tutorials.


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