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It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about escaping to another world, if only for a time. As memory keepers we are eager to document fun new adventures. As busy women (and men), we don’t always have the time for preparing a traditional scrapbook-style travel journal.

Lucky for busy scrapbookers, there are several options that offer a little extra help in the time department while still offering a more traditional, pen & paper style experience.

If you have 3 weeks before you trip, try…

Come Away with Me travel journal templates from Kimberly Lund for The Daily Digi: A full set of prompts and layered digital templates to prepare a hybrid-style journal before your trip.

If you have 10 days to 2 weeks before you trip, try…

Travel Logbook from Log Your Memory: A bound travel journal designed with scrapbookers in mind with add-on template set for scrapping after you get home!

If you have a few days before you trip, try…

Moleskine pocket travel journal: A super-portable and uber-customizable journal designed specifically for on-the-go documentation.

For me, its all about finding the approach that fits with your vacation and the time you’ll have before and after! What I love the most is that there are endless options for travelers of all kinds!

How do you document your travels? What tools are must-takes in your travel journaling arsenal?

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