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Simple Tip Saturdays are all about giving easy ideas for you to grab and run.

Even though I seem to be busier than ever this summer, I have found little bits of times for the tangible parts of memory keeping. I’ve been to the craft store, I’ve sorted some older prints and started some new projects.

Today’s tip is not about getting touchy feely with your scrapbooking though. Just as summer brings new outdoor adventures (water skiing anyone?), it also offers opportunities to break out of your memory keeping comfort zone.

I am an 8×8 digital scrapper who has five matching We are Memory Keepers albums. As you know, I love to have things organized. On the other hand, I have creative energy that bubbles to the surface and wants things a little less orderly, a little more exciting and much more colorful. Summer is the perfect time to nourish those parts of your personality.

Jump on this opening to try a new size for scrapbooking (8.5×11 perhaps) or a new mode of working. Play with an older film camera, create a mini book or see what art journaling does for you. Use the longer hours of daylight to explore your more playful (less perfectionist) side and discover new possibilities.

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  1. Cindy Peterson

    It is funny, because just today I bought myself an inexpensive 8-1/2 X11 album and page protectors for it – and my ususal page size is 8×8! This album is going to be all about me – though I am not even sure how I am going to start it. I just know now is the time. Really though, I think it will be all about he and me. I really don’t know how I could make pages without my husband in them. he breathes out, I breathe in. Life together is bliss, and the thought of leaving him out – well, it is unthinkable. Not that he will be on every page, but lots of them!


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