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If you’ve ever looked at my gallery, you know that I’m a fan of more basic scrapbook page designs with an emphasis on words, photos and papers. Embellishments finish it off for me and stitches are my absolute favorite element to add that special touch to a digital layout. I love how stitching offers a grounded feel, helping shadowed digital elements feel a little more secure.

In this post I will offer a selection of great sources for digital stitches, recommended by YOU the readers. First though, I wanted to showcase a few great examples from one scrapper who totally rocks the digital sewing machine: sportay24.

boys, big kid moment, and tracks by sportay24

Best Bets for Stitch Shopping
as recommended by Simple Scrapper readers

Anna Aspnes at Designer Digitals

Karah Fredricks at The Lilypad

Kate Hadfield at The Lilypad

Christine Nash at Scrapbook-Elements

SuzyQ Scraps at Scrap Orchard

Syrin at Cat Scrap

Traci Reed at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Who is your favorite stitch artist?

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  1. deborah

    ♥ Emily Merritt @ the Lilypad ♥

  2. deborah

    ♥ itty bitty stiches by Lauren Reid ♥

  3. deborah

    Miss Tiina has some awesome floss stitches too!

  4. Rúbia

    I agree with Deborah about Emily Merritt!
    And I love the “Stitches nº1” by K.Studio!

  5. Zora (DeepGirl)

    My absolutely No. 1 stitches are the BAD SEWING MACHINE series by Traci Reed at SweetShoppe Designs 🙂


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