10—12: July’s Free Template

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It’s time to count down your top ten moments of July! Are you ready to scrap the recap?

What’s 10—12? I’m offering a free template with 10 photo spaces (10) each month (x12) and challenging you to scrap the recap and move on to the next month!

Use the template to highlight the top 10 photos from a single event or the entire month. It’s all about telling the story, simply!

Here are some ideas for your July top ten:

vacation, reading, sprinklers, lemonade, fireflies
watermelon, swimsuits, beach umbrellas, seashells, sand

The Template

Download link expired

Now tell us, what’s on your top ten list for July? Share a highlight from your month.

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  1. belle

    Thanks very much for the template.

  2. Laser

    Thanks so much for the template. I have most of my photos ready to insert. Leaving a couple of spaces open just in case something more exciting or memorable happens in the next few days.

    See you in August 🙂

  3. Sue K

    Love these templates! Thanks so much for sharing them with everyone.

  4. Kathi

    Thank you so much. My monthly Top 10 pages look incredible thanks to you (and happy memories!)

  5. Carole N.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful template. My top memory for this month has to be our granddaughter competing in the Sorghum Queen Contest where they select the Queen for our county fair. While she didn’t win she was gorgeous and did a wonderful job and made us all proud. She turned 16 yesterday so she can try again. We had so many people tell us the judges were crazy as she should have won. LOL

    Second top memory was getting to spend a lot of time with our grandson while his mother looked for a dress for his sister. He’s such a job to have around and the time was precious to me.


  6. Tami

    Th♥nks for sharing!

  7. ava-j

    oh, im so sori to have just found your ingenious 10×12 designs. but i really hope to get the months templates too (hopefully the links are still open)..thanks a bunch!

  8. Robin

    Thanks! I’ve been using these every month.

  9. Laura

    Thanks so much.


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