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Do you ever wonder how great scrappers “just know” how to make their pages work? I know I stumble over my feet in Photoshop Elements all the time, trying to create a page design that feels right. It can be trial and error and often depends on the creative energy of the moment, which can be frustrating.

A few weeks ago I read that Debbie Hodge, one of my favorite scrapbooking teachers, was going to launch a new self-paced class that might help me feel more confident. I’ve been loving Debbie’s series on basic design over at The Daily Digi,  so I knew I wanted to check this out. I emailed Debbie to share my excitement and she let me test drive her totally sweet new program: Building Pages (affiliate link)!

Building Pages gives you step-by-step guidance through twelve different approaches to designing a scrapbook page. With each approach, or foundation, you can take it in a million directions so that no two layouts look alike; but you’re practically guaranteed each will rock! Debbie has included video and written lessons as well as tons of examples. As a bonus, she’s offering some spectacular sketches and layered templates to make getting started even easier.

I’ve only had a little time to check out the first couple lessons, but I am way impressed. I was a little nervous at first because there was so much material, but its heavily focused on teaching through demonstration and illustration. The videos are just the right length for the material and my attention span, around 10 minutes each. The example layouts totally make me swoon – I already bookmarked several as top picks for future scrap-lifting!

I haven’t had a chance to take the entire class yet (which is what is awesome about self-paced!), so I want to do something special for you. I know the class is a little pricey at $54. However, I feel so confident that you will absolutely love Building Pages, that I want to make you a guarantee.

My Guarantee: I’m going to write a follow-up review towards the end of the summer. If you’ve purchased Building Pages (through my affiliate link) by that time, worked through the exercises (completed 12 layouts) and found that it did not totally rock your socks off, I will refund 100% of your money. I think it’s the bee’s knees and am sure you’ll think it is too!

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