Simple Scrapper’s Summer Camp: Day 4

Jennifer Wilson

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July 15, 2010

This week I’m sending you to an exclusive Simple Scrapper day camp. All week long I’m offering fun little exercises to help simplify your scrapbooking and keep your creative spirits soaring!

Day 4: The Rainy Day

For every week of camp, there is undoubtedly one day lost to rain, injury or simply the need to rest. This down-time is simply part of the package and offers a chance to play board games or catch up with a good book.

As kids we often created special boxes for rainy days, to make sure there was fun and entertainment at-the-ready. These boxes were filled with toys and games that came out only during these times. This made a rainy day a little less dreary.

Today I want you to create a scrapbooker’s rainy day box. Someday you will be faced with a full day (rain or shine) of uninterrupted scrapbooking time. Instead of frittering away the day figuring out what to do, assemble a toolkit of supplies that will have you scrapping in a flash.

Photo by morish

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  1. Lori P.

    These camp-themed posts are wonderful! You are very creative and inspirational. What a fun idea–thank you!!!

  2. Karen L

    This is exactly what I did today. We really did have a rainy day with thunderstorms too! LOL! I put together a tool kit with a few punches and stamps as well for visiting my daughter next week. (picture comming soon)

  3. Becky

    No rain here but I assembled a tool kit to take down to my mother’s this weekend. I included acrylic stamps, stamp pads, eyelet setter, and scorer. I’m going to make some cards while I’m there for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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