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Before you run away screaming “it is not even Halloween yet”, hear me out. Here in the land of educational publications, we live a few months out. If considering the winter holidays wasn’t scary enough, just remember that the team here at Simple Scrapper is already thinking about 2011!

So here we go – let’s talk the holidays. Last year Simple Scrapper brought you Capture the Season, a free workbook and 6 weeks of posts designed to help you tell your holiday story. What did you think of that?

From the home office perspective, it wasn’t so simple. Keeping up with 100% original daily blog content with none of the regular favorites and only a few guest posts was a big challenge. With the full calendar announced in November, there was no wiggle room for life hiccups, waxing and waning mojo or last minute additions. The whole thing ended up being a little too complicated perhaps.

This year I want to pare it down, find simplicity in routine and support your efforts to enjoy and document the season. I also want to give you exactly what you want. Here’s what I’m thinking for starters…

Basic Ideas for 2010’s Capture the Season

  • On the blog…
    • Stick with “simple weekending” standards throughout December
    • Special guest posts on holiday organization and productivity
    • Focus on gratitude, rest and wrapping up 2010
  • Special activities…
    • A free class centered on an album that is part scrapbook, part planner
    • Just one #scrapchat in December, on the 6th

Now it’s your turn…

Would you be so kind as to tell me what you’d like to see here during the holiday season? What do you want out of the blog, any chats and potentially, a free e-course? Perhaps more importantly, what do you not want to see offered? How can Simple Scrapper help keep you sane during the hectic holiday season?

Please pop over to the site (if you’re not already here) and leave a comment down below for us.

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  1. Tamara / Guayamama

    During the holidays what I need most are reminders to KEEP IT SIMPLE and to enjoy the season. For me that means having most gifts ready for exchange by early December. Then I can sit back, visit with loved ones and take lots of pictures…to scrap. Last year I did a december daily album that I hope to do again this year in some form.

    SO WHAT DO I NEED? Simplicity. Focus. No huge new projects. Maybe photo or journaling prompts for a holiday album (either Dec Daily or a Traditions theme). That’s it! πŸ˜€

  2. Gina L.

    I need simplicity to get me through the holidays. The holidays are hectic enough on their own and I need something to help me focused and organized! Your concept sounds great! The holidays are the time of year when I take the most pictures, so simplicity is KEY!

  3. cate

    I discovered simple scrapper through capture the season last year… but with a 2mo, and 5 other children, I never had the chance to read through anything more than the blog each day.

    I’d certainly love to see a christmas roundup of new release product – I made several purchases last year on the basis of seeing them here!

    And anything else has to be simple! reminders, prompts, ideas and guidance are the best friends in december!

  4. Ami

    It would be wonderful to have the rest of us remembered over the holiday season. We are Buddhist and celebrate the New Year, friends celebrate Kwanza and I am certain some of your followers are Jewish. I would love to have some design references for these celebrations.


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