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Over in the Light Your Fire classroom (self-paced launches Nov. 1), we’ve been talking about time as a major roadblock to scrapbooking. The issue is not just a lack of it, rather a deep-rooted challenge in managing it. Even if you know you can carve out 15 minutes, sometimes its easier to read a few blogs than dig into something new.

Since I’m feeling extraverted this week, I’d like to have another conversation with you. Let’s talk about your system for managing time, including appointments and to-do’s. Do you use an all digital (i.e. photo or computer) approach, are you an analog girl (paper calendar, notepads etc.) or are you like me, totally hybrid?

We all get the same number of hours in the day. Share what you love about your time management system as well as ways you think it could be improved. I can’t wait to hear all your wonderful ideas!

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  1. Jennifer

    Testing 123

  2. Cilenia

    GREAT Subject Jen!
    Guess I’m Hybrid like you. I do 90% of my tracking in a digital format using a calander, to do list, spreadsheets etc. ( I use the “Covey System” both digitally and Planner in hand.

    BUT, I ALWAYS have my steno notebook at my side (even out to dinner! LOL). I learned a long time ago one of the best management tools was this book from an old boss. You can jot your thought quickly so you can not think about it, then when you sit to make your To Do list, you look in it to add or delete or handle each item. I sit each morning with my coffee for about 15 minutes, prioritize and plan my day and carve my time slots out from this list. Put them in my Covey program and done. Works for me! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what others do. Can always learn something new to help even more.

  3. Sam

    This is a good question! And definitely something I need to work on.

    I would say 90% is online… I am addicted to my iPhone for sure! The other 10% is done on paper of some sort. I am a big fan of making lists but I don’t always keep track of those lists or make sure they actually get attention. Definitely need a better system than this!

  4. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

    I, too, am hybrid in my time management Jennifer!

    I, for the most part, make a list before retiring and prioritize what I need and/or hope to accomplish the following day.

    I generally use a notepad or spiral binder (nothing fancy!) I also have a digital sticky note pad located in the upper right-hand corner of my desktop for “really” important tasks that cannot be neglected in the midst of my multiple distractions throughout the day!

    While I have not made the best use of it yet, I really enjoy the ReminderFox add-on I have installed for Firefox. Of course, I have be online to see the windows pop-up that will remind me of everything I’ve entered, but I do so enjoy a reminder, for example, to send a birthday greeting during a day that has me focused on completing a lengthy task!

    I’m all ears … or eyes, as my natural curiosity feeds on learning what works for others and I like a “fresh” approach to things every now and then!

    My system is NOT foolproof! πŸ˜‰

  5. Andrea

    One word… Flylady! Go Google her right now. Following Flylady will change your life and your attitude and help you use your time to it’s fullest. She is too wonderful to explain in this short note, but she will teach you so much. Other than being “flywashed” I also use a large wall calendar and an iPhone app called Dunnit for my to-do lists.

  6. Sarah

    Organization is not my strong point and I have a ton of notebooks and paper scraps laying around with misc. stuff written down (i’m really really bad..have a notebook in every room almost). As far as on the computer I use Evernote a lot, especially to keep track of book lists, projects I want to work on and to-do lists because I can go back and pull these items up on my phone. I also keep an Evernote notebook of recipes that I find on the web that I want to try.

  7. Lain@layoutaday.com

    I am a paper girl. I write everything down on a daily to-do list in my planner, and then I also have monthly goals (personal and professional). I often color-code them to make sure I’m spending my time on the highest value (income producing) activities.

  8. candyK

    I want to know where the class is. I thought I signed up and paid for it, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Was there a link somewhere? Yes–I could maybe use some getting organized ideas! LOL
    I use a spiral pad of 3×5 cards, a small calendar and keep both in my purse.

  9. Zanne

    I have to admit that when it come to my to-do’s I still do the old fashion way & use a paper calendar. Or paper notes to remind me of who to call, etc.

  10. joy

    Completely hybrid, it works great as long as I check the lists and schedules. I am great at making them, sometimes forget to consult with the lists and schedules I have made.

  11. Kim Byrns

    I am totally hybrid, too. We have a big family wall calendar that I keep updated with all scheduled appointments, activities, school days off, etc. Anything that is date specific goes on there. I also use Things on my computer for my to-do list, and it syncs to my iPod Touch which is handy.

  12. Kim Byrns

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I have my computer calendar set up to send me an email every single morning (early) that says “Check calendar” and I have trained myself to look at our family wall calendar the second I see that email. It’s not optional! This is something that really works for me so nothing gets missed. Yep, you miss one “Wacky Hair Day” and you’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again! Hypothetically speaking, of course. πŸ˜‰

  13. Lucy

    Great topic. I love learning from others. I follow David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” System with my 43 folders family notebook. I’ve used this system for 2 years and it’s fantastic.

  14. Holly

    I am hybrid. I love my iPhone and use it for all contact info and my main work and personal calendar. But I carry a small spiral notebook with me everywhere. It is full of lists and ideas. I also use Evernote for some more complex things than what’s in my notebook.


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