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Simple Tip Saturdays are all about giving easy ideas for you to grab and run.

The longer I am deeply involved in the scrapbooking community, the more I am exposed to the amazing creativity of its members. As I browse through the digi shops each weekend, I spy some incredible artwork by an ever-growing pool of artists. As I hop from gallery to gallery, paper and digi, I am overwhelmed by the sheer talent of scrapbookers.

The more you hang out with like-minded individuals, the more likely you are to compare yourself to them. It’s perfectly understandable to see the pages in Creating Keepsakes and wonder why can’t you deliver the same level of awesomeness.

Well here’s a secret. You already do! You came out of the gate, you’re in the game, you started scrapbooking. Just being here makes you awesome!

This weekend I want you to think about your benchmarks in scrapbooking. How can you switch up how you view others and your own work? How can you dig deep into your heart and find that whisper that says “I am an artist and I am awesome!”

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  1. Bianca - ProjectB

    Hehe, I’m awesome 🙂
    No serious, I have thought many times: I wish I could scrap like that! But when it comes down to my own pictures of my own children and my own stories and my own pages, what everyone else does suddenly doesn’t matter anymore. I’m telling our stories, showing our pictures, and that’s all that matters!

  2. Sandy Lewis

    I don’t consider myself an artist. I don’t even think I’m very creative. I look at the fabulous work online and I DO think – wish I could scrap like that. Importantly, I record the memories for my entire family, so I do think – yay for me!


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