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I suppose I created many a picture book as a child and young adult, but it was only recently that I jumped head first into modern paper crafting and the creating of smallish books. You may have read the story of how I got to this point, overcoming many internal objections to trimmers and adhesive. It has been a grand experiment and a grand ol’ time!

I was nervous to write that guest post, because I…you know…write this scrapbooking blog here…with more than couple of readers. I’ve always wanted to come across as 110% authentic and I hope I’ve done that. I am passionate about memory keeping in all its forms, of taking your photos and celebrating them in whatever way makes sense to you.

For me that has been mostly digital over the past few years, because it is an amazing tool for getting stories scrapped. But digital is not the only way to be more productive in scrapbooking! The fact that 50% of you who enjoy this blog also enjoy non-digi fun is a testament to that!

More importantly, this mini book is also a testament to the fact that you can be whatever kind of scrapper you want to be!

Sure, I learned a lot about technique (including how to set an eyelet) in this project, but what the sum of it meant to me as a scrapper was so much more. As it turns out, I enjoy working with my hands. I like feeling products between my fingers and seeing the dimension of a real life book that I created.

This mini book is not perfect (far from it), but it shares one of my special stories in a way that is fun for family to explore.  It also launches a new chapter in my own storybook as a storyteller, memory keeper and scrapbooker. This new chapter includes a touch more paper and a whole lot more confidence!

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