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We talk a lot about embracing imperfection in scrapbooking. From finding peace with some stray adhesive to deliberately placing a digital paper askew, we are growing more secure with good enough scrapbook pages.

This trend, however, seems to be skirting around an essential component of our memory keeping, our photography. In fact, the movement has been more towards bigger cameras with better glass and a crusade for perfectly exposed images.

I think it’s time we put it out there that any photo is better than no photo. It is time we fully embrace and even celebrate ordinary not-perfect photos from the cameras we have with us.

For many of us this is a phone. Regardless if you have 1 or 5 megapixels, camera phone images can capture a breathtaking moment just as well. With so many options for technical and creative editing, it is even possible to polish a diamond in the rough.

This weekend I want you to think about how you can incorporate your camera phone into your memory keeping and feel warm and fuzzy about it.

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  1. Stan

    Hear, hear for a subject close to my heart and one’s I’ve written about on our blog. We photographers sometimes get so caught up in the minutiae pf the stuff – lens, camera, ISO, f/stops, etc. – that we forget the job of just taking the picture and creating a memory to scrap. Some my best images in later years have come from by p&s in auto, just taking pictures. Great post.

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop


    Great points, Jennifer! I’ve been working on my content for the Layout a Day challenge next month. Our theme is storytelling, and upon reflection, I have realized that the photos that tell the best stories are often not the technically perfect photos.

  3. arimacias

    funny that this is the topic:) i just made a page with camera phone pics. it’s here if you would like to check it out.
    i am at a point in my life where ANY picture i can get is good. still love photography, don’t get me wrong…but the techy aspect is not as important to me right now. life is moving waaaayy too fast.

  4. Carolyn

    I love the points you make. I have a Canon point-and-shoot and an iPhone. I have been using my iPhone more and more to take pics because it’s so easy to capture a moment on the spot. My pics aren’t “perfect,” but they’re memories and that’s what’s important.

  5. Melissa

    I totally agree, I’ve scrapped quite a few phone photos – see this post at the Daily Digi for details

    My phone I think has 1600×1600 res photos – so tiny, and even tinier when I forget and leave it on the MMS setting!!
    and I still have a maxi-zoom P&S camera. I’m still learning it’s features! lol


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