Fast & furious can still be great

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Simple Tip Saturdays are all about giving easy ideas for you to grab and run.

We’re expecting company any moment now for a football game. This morning my whole family banded together to clean the house in about 1 hour’s time. I still can’t believe the transformation.

As I furiously emptied the dishwasher while simultaneously browning some beef, I thought about my pace. Maybe, just sometimes, I can bring this fervor to other parts of my life – or even to more regular housecleaning.

While I am very much a fan of finding the slowness and stillness in life, I think there is also a time for rapid-fire action. Sometimes, we just need to sit down and plow through that big project – with results that are just as grand as taking your sweet time.

This week, I urge you to apply this to your scrapbooking. Let me know what happens for you!

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