Discussion: Are you a deal hunter?

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Cyber Monday is no better day to launch into a discussion of buying scrapbook supplies at full price or waiting for a great deal! So, tell us, how do you shop?

  • What are you willing to pay full price for?
  • What are you NEVER willing to pay full price for?
  • Are you a craft store coupon clipper?
  • Do you keep a wishlist to wait for big sale days?
  • Have you found any great Cyber Monday deals?

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  1. Jude

    I tend to limit my buying of digiscrap supplies these days as I’ve got so much stuff that I ended up just buying for the sake of it. Buying a kit and using it for just one page makes it as expensive as paper scrapping! I prefer to just buy relevant element packs (Kate Hadfield, Jacque Larsen type things) so that I’m not paying for loads of papers and ‘filler’ elements that I don’t need. If I see a kit/pack which fills a gap in my supplies then I’m happy to pay full price for it.

    I quite like scrapping using templates but I won’t buy them unless there’s a fab deal on a great bundle. I don’t think they’re worth the money otherwise.

    I don’t keep a wishlist – I tend to only buy from a few designers (my favourites after a lot of trial and error!) and I either know what things I’m still coveting or I’ve already got it!

    • candyK

      I like the idea of buying specific packs. I recently bought a pack of staples, and love having it.
      I don’t know much about designers and appreciate you sharing some names.

  2. Laura

    I almost never pay full price in digi land; I wait for sales. I shop almost exclusively at one store and maintain a wishlist there.

    And, yes, I’m a craft store coupon clipper; if I can get it at Michaels or AC Moore with a coupon, I won’t pay full price anywhere.

    I pay full price for things I don’t expect to be able to get on sale and I pay full price on the rare occasion I’m in the middle of a project and feel the NEED for a particular element and can’t wait for a sale. Sometimes I think I’d do better buying like that all the time–only buy what I really want to use at right that minute–rather than stock up at sale prices and end up with stuff I don’t use.

  3. Bianca

    Being a digiscrap designer I don’t need to buy myself a lot of supplies. However: if I do come across a new release by another designer that scream HAVE TO HAVE, I’ll pay full price if that’s needed. I won’t wait for sales, cause there’s money in my paypal that’s all mine LOL. I’ve always thought ‘coupons’ were typically American, I never use coupons in real life. It does sound a little arrogant perhaps, but clipping it, saving it somewhere, remembering to take it with me to the store… it’s just not worth the small saving.
    I’m interested to find out what everybody thinks about this!

  4. Tiffany

    I have a hard time paying full price for anything digital. Even New Release discounts are not enough discount for me. I will wait for a coupon or a sale, and it usually doesn’t take too long for one to come around.

    So that means I usually “stock up” on several kits at once. To me $20 is a lot to spend in one sitting. And I’m also on a couple creative teams, so I have those kits too.

    BUT …. I have so many kits that I’ve bought and never used! With the few teams I’m on, my true scrapping needs are more than covered, so the kits that I actually spend money on tend to get forgotten.

    For the last several months, I’ve been thinking that I want to try to change my purchasing habits. I think that if I see a kit I love, and actually intend to use it in the next week or so, I should just buy it, full price or not. And if it’s is not immediately usable to me, then I should just pass on it, even if I can get a good deal. I think I will spend less money in the long run and have less digital “waste.”

  5. Gennifer

    I’ve found that I actually save money by buying as I want to use something, instead of waiting for sales. Plus, I’m happy to support the designers I love, even at full prices. 🙂

  6. PatriciaD

    I have to be very frugal, especially with digi scrap supplies, because I lost my job nearly 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years. It’s almost impossible to believe. I have learned in that time how to make my own supplies so not only have I used the time to learn but I don’t need to buy nearly as much as I used to have to do. Good can come from a bad thing.
    So…to answer your question, I rarely buy and certainly don’t buy without a huge discount and only if I HAVE to have it…hehehe

  7. candyK

    I miss IkeaGoddess. I love using freebies–however I hav collected lots of stuff I’ve never used. I’m more of a beginner at scrapping. Now I belong to 2 monthly clubs, which keeps me in new goodies at under $20 mo. My downfall is dollar wednesday! I’m always after a sale. I rarely buy at a craft store, have never done paper scrapping. Am getting interested in a silhouette type machine though.–maybe it could be a classroom expense?(I’m a teacher) LOL

  8. Diane

    As a newbie, I have spent relatively little on this hobby and I am pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive digiscrapping supplies can be. That said, I am a bit of a sucker for deep discount sales!! However, quickly I have found that many of the supplies I like least are the ones I have paid next to nothing for– giving credence to the old “ya get what ya pay for” adage. Love using templates but won’t pay for them as I find so many available for free and they can be modified too.

  9. Shannon

    I have to admit, I rarely pay full price if I can help it. I tend to build up wish lists and wait for sales. I’m a lot more likely to pay full price for digi goods than for actual paper. I will pay full price for papers and embellishments at an independent scrapbooking store, but rarely at a chain craft store. I don’t clip coupons for chains, per se, but I’m on some of their mailing lists and I love Hobby Lobby because I can simply show them the coupon on my phone and they will let me use it.

    JessicaSprague.com has a great sale right now, 20% off of everything in the store. There is some Cosmo Cricket in my future.

  10. Meta

    Well, It’s very rare for me to buy a digi kit. But last month, Studio Q from SBG make me spend some money for her stuff. Her design just so sweet and lovely and I can’t say ‘no’. I don’t like to wait a coupon or discount, in creative business, I love to pay for their hard work. And I have some money to purchase, so what I am waiting for.

  11. Melissa

    I love to enter challenges and get things from my wish list that way. I too have a subscription and CTs for my digi stuff, so often I can’t justify buying new items

    I shopped at Spotlight a bit over the weekend, got some Martha Stewart glitter (the 20 pack) for 30% off and then paid full price for 2 sets of stamp inks (5 colours each). I also got 50% off some clearance items and grabbed some crayola rubons, fiskars background stamps and some of Martha’s double sided stickers for glittering 🙂

    Seems like Martha’s stuff isn’t selling well so they are clearancing it.

  12. rags

    I am amazed at how much I have bought already when I’ve barely begun scrapping. I still use the kits to make cards and invites etc but desperately trying to find the time to really start scrapping. So, I’ve learned the hard way to wait for the big sales (iNSD, store birthday, black friday) and add to your wish list in between. That way I find sometimes I’m not so keen on a kit later on as I was when I first saw it and I save a few bucks. The one thing I do find hard is all the new release kits that come out for the big sales ….. I think I’ve got it all planned then my head is in a spin and I have to compare kits to stick to my budget. I’ve been lucky and scored a few facebook coupons from designers which make that decision a bit easier.

  13. Dale

    I’m lucky enough to have an online scrapbook shop owner live around the corner from my house. I get bits and pieces as and when I need them, plus buy at her sales and I pay no postage as I can pick up.


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