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by | Nov 20, 2010 | Productivity Advice | 4 comments

Simple Tip Saturdays are all about giving easy ideas for you to grab and run.

I am sitting here in the airport and I can’t get the free WiFi to work. Oy! At first I was terribly frustrated, but then I considered what I would really do with that time.

I would check my email, probably Twitter, then maybe some forums. Maybe I would get around to launching WordPress and writing a post, just in time for my flight to be called.

Instead I grabbed this opportunity to open TextEdit and start putting my fingers to the keys. I quickly put together two short pieces for work and now, here I am, writing that blog post with still 90 minutes before boarding.

I am as guilty as anyone of not using my time effectively. Sometime I just don’t have the brainpower and others I don’t find the discipline. Without internet, however, my primary distraction is eliminated. (Yes, even with a smart phone at my side.)

As I sit here, I wonder if its possible to cultivate a practice of an internet time out. I wonder what pockets of time I could find and leverage to greater productivity if only I were more mindful. Mind you, I am not beating myself up. Instead I am challenging myself to make this happen again.

I love to write, just as I love to scrapbook. I need to find ways to squelch those “too stressed” or “too busy” demons, unplug and truly discover that hidden time for creative work. Do you think you’d like to join me?


  1. Malin/malwa

    I *so* agree with you! I actually made an LO in the beginning of this year, telling myself I have to spend less time by the computer. Some ten months later – I find myself sitting here even more… :/

  2. Diane

    I am on board with you! I love to write as well and cop to the ‘too busy’ excuse WAY more than I should.

  3. Cindy aka Scrapcollectr

    Day 1 of vacation, with scrap supplies within reach, I’ve spent the last 3 hrs browsing Twitter and following links down rabbit holes. So, yes, gotta learn to unplug. But then I’ve found that plane rides are the best unplugged time, if we could feel free to craft next to total strangers… *smile*


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