10×12: November & December’s Templates

Jennifer Wilson

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December 9, 2010

It’s time to count down your top ten moments of November and December! Are you ready to scrap the recap?

What’s 10—12? I’m offering a free template with 10 photo spaces (10) each month (x12) and challenging you to scrap the recap and move on to the next month! Today we have the last two installments for 2010.

Use the template to highlight the top 10 photos from a single event or the entire month. It’s all about telling the story, simply!

The Templates

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Now tell us, what’s on your top ten list right now? Share a highlight from your holiday season.

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  1. Wendy N

    Love these, thank you!

  2. Sherry

    Love the December template – thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Vickie

    Thanks for the templates. I especially like the fun December one.

  4. Rebecca W

    love the wreath! thanks so much!

  5. Robin

    Thank you!!!

  6. lynna

    Wonderful templates! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  7. belle

    thanks so much for the great templates.

  8. ava-j

    Thank you so much for the templates..i love collecting your work! 🙂


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