3 ways a paper scrapbooker can try digital

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On Tuesday I shared 3 ways a digital scrapbooker can try paper. Today we’re going the other way and finding simple approaches for traditional scrapbookers to test the digi waters. In this day and age, it is easier than ever.

Digital scrapbooking uses computer image files with a graphics editing program to (most often) mimic the look of traditional scrapbooking. It offers the benefit of being mess-free and can be less expensive.

How to Try Digital Scrapbooking

1. Start with hybrid – Get a feel for using a computer in your scrapbooking workflow by trying hybrid approaches. The most common is to include typewritten journaling on a page.

2. Go online – Tools like Scrapblog allow you to play with combining digital embellishments and photos in a no-commitment kind of way. It can help you get a feel for what its like.

3. Utilize “cheats” – Time-saving products like quick pages and templates can make digital scrapbooking even easier for beginners. Don’t be afraid to use these helpers to learn the ropes.

Without a doubt, there is a bit more of a learning curve to digital scrapbooking than paper. This is simply the nature of most things involving technology. Fortunately, there is no short of resources for beginners.

What are some other strategies that can help a paper scrapbooker try or transition to digital?

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  1. Jen

    I recommend starting with a trip or pregnancy or other set time frame you want to capture so there is a set beginning and end. That way, even if you decide not to ever do digital again, it’s not like you have an odd mix of paper and digital layouts created. I recently worked with a client who did a digital book of her premie daughter’s time in the NICU and that was a good starting out experience for her.

  2. Jenn W

    I teach a class IRL called “Computer Tricks for the Paper Scrapper” and some of the things I teach are:
    make your own word art
    add text or word art to a photo before printing
    printing onto cardstock in a similar color to make a subtle background
    putting together mini-digi books to add to your paper pages
    using PSE brushes to embellish photos
    blowing up a photo and blending it with a digital paper for a unique background

    Often I’ll find one of these students in my “Digital Scrapbooking 101” class – this year I had one lady take both classes the same day!

  3. Rebecca

    Another way to try out digital is StudioJ by Close To My Heart. The program is online and you can play all you want! You only pay when you order your layouts (2 page 12×12 set). If you decide you really like it, you can purchase Memberships at different time levels to save money. I still prefer real scrapbooking but this is a great way to quickly do an entire event and print multiple times for gifts. Worth a try!


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