Are you seeking simplicity in 2011?

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I am just so thrilled to launch Simple Scrapper’s third year of bringing productive scrapbooking ideas to your inboxes and RSS readers. With 737 posts in our archive already, we will continue to bring excellent, streamlined information to paper, digital and hybrid scrapbookers.

Simple Scrapper’s mission and promise to you in 2011:

  • share the very best advice for beautiful but practical memory keeping
  • focus on tips and techniques to eliminate stress in scrapbooking
  • reduce information overwhelm with 5 purposeful posts each week
  • refer readers to our favorite time-saving products and services

In our promises above and throughout the year, you’ll notice a renewed commitment to helping you balance memory keeping with memory making. Our nearly three week holiday break was refreshing and eye-opening. Without attention to our families and lives, there isn’t much to scrap about.

In 2011, Simple Scrapper will make sure we’re all slowing down and experiencing the moments the make up our lives. You’ll hear more from me and other real life scrapbookers about how they are keeping scrapbooking and their lives on the side of simple.

Coming soon in January and beyond:

  • announcing our first-ever design team (Friday!)
  • guest posts from some of your favorite scrapbookers
  • a new line of products designed to get you scrapping
  • fresh twists on your favorite series of posts

As we finish up evaluating team applications, making small changes to the site and putting plans in place for a fabulous year, we have a question for you. What is one thing you want to simplify in 2011?

Did you find this post helpful?

We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


  1. Jenn Smith Sloane

    Simplify is my 2011 word! I am simplifying anything and everything. Motivation to get up and do it is what I need the most! πŸ™‚

  2. TracyMHunt

    I want to simplify my work flow/creative process for my scrapbooking! Or at least get it organized on to ONE spreadsheet!

  3. arimacias

    i am trying to just keep UP!

  4. ana smith

    my household goods!

  5. Kate

    I want to organize and declutter in 2011. That will simplify many things.

  6. Melissa

    I’m wanting to simplify my internal rules my thinking processes – I over think things!

  7. Michelle Huegel

    I want to simplify my mind – it’s the one thing that stresses me out the most! I overcomplicate my life by overthinking, overplanning, and overstressing!

  8. Lee Currie

    I’m looking forward to meeting your new team!

    I’d like to simplify my expectation of myself. Alas, that is, and I am, a work in progress πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all you do!

  9. Robin Rakes

    Simplify? I need to make the most of my time. I waste too much of it on the comp, watching TV, & not doing much of anything. This would simplify the stress I put on myself about not doing what I know should be done. Clear as mud????

  10. Natalie

    I am thisclose to reaching the end of my 35mm days and moving on to digital photos. I only have a few more pages left to scrapbook and the last box of 35mm prints will be gone! I’m looking forward to making design decisions using digital photos and printing only what I need and having the space back in the closet!

  11. Dale

    I’m with Kate. Declutter. My word for the year is strive. I will strive to declutter my home.

  12. Ami

    I would like to simplify my digital product organization process.

  13. Dally

    I want to simplify my long list of commitments. I’m compromised with too much work, too much people, to much to-do’s … My word for 2011 is BALANCE, and I’m hoping to have it, if I simplify my lifestyle :-{

  14. Janice

    I am simplifying my home and belongings

  15. kim

    Simplify is also my word for the year. I am giddy to find a blog that highlights simple scrapping! no more pressure to fit into someone else’s ‘style’ πŸ™‚ back to my simple ‘roots’


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