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Jennifer Wilson

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January 27, 2011

On Monday, a group of 15 or so scrapbookers gathered for a chat all about organization and storage of traditional scrapbook supplies. Today I wanted to share with you some of the wisdom imparted by the participants.

What are your favorite storage solutions for…

printed photos? photo boxes with and without dividers, photo envelopes, plastic bins, binders, small milk crate

scrapbook papers? clear plastic boxes, Cropper Hopper paper sorters, shelves, accordion storage, paper totes, spinners

embellishments? kitchen glass jars, cardboard photo boxes, plastic baggies hung from book rings, baskets, rolling carts

scrapbook tools? IKEA boxes and racks, totebags, pegboard, tool caddy, lazy susans, baskets

Now tell us, what are some of your favorite scrapbook storage solutions?

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  1. Nat

    Printed photos go in Ikea photo boxes.

    Scrapbook papers go in a metal rack on my table that is supposed to hold file folders. Scraps go in an accordion file sorted by color.

    I don’t use embellishments. What I do have gets stored with my tools.

    My tools I store in a large Ikea box, although the most used ones sit out on the scrapbook table.

  2. Jill

    I bought 2 different put together cabinets and made a special size cabinet for my scrapbooks. It starts below a light switch to the floor. The space was too narrow for a regular cabinet.
    I bought some Ikeas shelves to put things on. I also have iris carts.

  3. Dawn

    After spending countless dollars on organizing, I have chosen to go with pizza boxes, all stacked in what I call my scrapbook cabinet. Boxes are 12 x 12, puchased 18 of then for a little over 5 bucks! In each box is all of the items pertaining to catagory, such as Christmas, all 8 x 11 papers, embellishemnts, stickers etc, would go in this box, then each box is given a number, in a three ring binder is a list of all boxes and thier content. So if I am scrapping a page, I pull my binder look for box number of subject I am doing. Lets say I am scrapping one of my grdaughter and I want flowers, I pull my nature box out instead of my kid theme box. I love this system, it was suggested by Rock of scrapper Challenge years ago.
    My tools, like cutters, rulers, etc are all in a 10 drawers cart, rubberstamp related items in another cart.

    • Jennifer

      What a clever system Dawn – thanks for sharing!



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