Photographing the month of February

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February has to be one of my favorite months. We’re free from all the holiday hoopla, celebrating the last little bits of winter and gearing up for an even more productive spring. February still has the coziness of winter, but the hope and possibility of the spring to come. Add in a little (or a lot of) chocolate, and you’ve got a recipe for some warm and lovely photographs.

The up and down temperatures make for dramatic images, as do the super clean rooms your house now sports due to that late winter must-feather-this-nest syndrome. There’s a lot more going on that you think, a slight shift towards the brightness of spring while retaining the warmth of soup in your belly. It’s just a magical month, dare I say? Below I’ve found nine photos that to me, captured the essence of February.

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Photo Credits: 1. Photographer., 2. Fire in Fireplace During Snowstorm, 3. Suite 88 – Hot Chocolate, 4. Valentine’s Day Card, 5. Valentine’s Day Flowers, 6. February 15th 001, 7. February 2009 snowfall, 8. Day 045/366 – February 14th, 9. 046.365 – February 15, 2010

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