Simple ideas for scrapbooking birthdays

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Birthdays may come just once a year, but with scrapbooking those memories can last a lifetime. Scrapbooking these milestones can seem a little trite and boring once you’ve done it a few times. In this post we’ll share ideas for documenting birthdays in a original, creative ways.

7 Tips for Birthday Scrapbooking

1. Use the occasion to celebrate what’s important to the birthday person right now.

Twelve Today by stacey kingman

2. Tell the whole story on one page with lots of photos and lots of journaling.

Birthday Girl by gracielou

3. Capture the special birthday trimmings, especially if the birthday person doesn’t want to smile for the camera.

Kody Cakes by Karla Dudley

4. Scrap the hybrid projects you created for the event, using some of the same artwork.

birthday invites by sahlink

5. Document how the entire family celebrates a special event, using symmetry in the photos.

Sweet Treats by mommy2blueeyes

6. Share the birthday story from the birthday person’s perspective, even if she’s too young to talk.

a birthday story by Asali

7. Schedule an impromptu photo shoot to commemorate the birthday person’s special day.

Turning 6! by nary

How do you scrapbook birthdays? Share a tip in the comments!

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  1. Candice

    Love these LO’s!! Especially the idea of using pictures to make a birthday cake!

    I love using leftover decorations and wrapping paper for birthday LO’s. Crepe paper streamers, tissue from gift bags, pieces from paper plates/napkins/cups, and any other decorations are great for backgrounds and accents.

    • Jennifer

      What an awesome idea – there are always great colors and patterns in the decor!

  2. Emily D.

    I love these! The colors are great! So sweet πŸ™‚ I am going to be working on a birthday layout too!!!

  3. Cari Locken

    Thanks so much for sharing my layout here. Love all the different projects too! Great site!

  4. heidiy

    Great layouts – great ideas! TFS!!! My turn to try… Wish me luck!

  5. Renee

    I love the idea of celebrating what is important to the honoree right now. Especially for children, this changes so much from year to year – it would be fun to chronicle.

  6. Trisha

    Awesome ideas…just what I was looking for…our birthday pic are getting pretty boring…



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