Fab Five: Summer Edition

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Summer is one of my favorite times for scrapbooking because of the fresh, bright colors. Not that I ever need an excuse to use my beloved aqua, but summer is the time when nature’s best creations come out to play. In this special edition of Fab Five, I’ve found five six delightfully fun pages and projects that celebrate the joy of summer.

Summer List by suladesign & The Summer List by katiescott
When we look back, some might call 2011 the year of the summer bucket list. Here’s a digital and a paper page celebrating this clever way to plan for fun times.

vacation by crystalbella77
Make sure someone snaps photos of you for telling your first-person stories of summer.

Fun in the Sun by Anna Parker
Use this classic geometric composition again and again to tell your summer stories with photos, words and art.

This is Summer by jens3
The unstructured, whimsical design of this page helps capture our attitudes and experiences of the summer season.

2011 Summer Mixed Media Album by leightheo
It’s so fun to see a true hybrid album with all supplies printed from digital products. This is so full of possibility!

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1 Comment

  1. Leigh Theo

    Wow! Thanks so much for including my hybrid album in your Fab Six!!! That just totally makes my day! πŸ™‚


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