Celebrate Monday, July 11, 2011

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Celebrate Monday is going on hiatus until September 12, when we’ll return with new solutions for making the most of your everyday moments.

Celebrate Monday is a weekly photo exercise designed to help you get back to basics and find more joy in your memory keeping.

Each week, you’ll be asked to select a photo and story from your everyday life according to the week’s prompt to share with us on our Flickr group and/or on your blog. Then, link us up using the widget below.

The idea is simple! Strip away the extras for a small moment to center yourself on what is most important in your process. Find the photo, tell the story, and be prepared for more authentic scrapbooking later in the week.

This week’s prompt:

the essence of summer

How to Participate

  1. Select a favorite photo, from past or present, related to the prompt.
  2. Share the memory by journaling on your blog or on Flickr.
  3. Visit this post’s web page and share a link using the tool below.
  4. Optional – Add your photo to the Celebrate Monday Flickr group.


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