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How to Embellish with Crochet

Jennifer Wilson

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July 18, 2011

As a simple scrapper, sometimes I have a hard time with chunkier embellishments. On paper they can be difficult to balance and in digital, they can be a challenge to shadow. Crocheted embellishments are an excellent way to experiment with added dimension, while still staying in the comfort zone of simple. In this post, I’ll share six techniques for embellishing simple scrapbook pages with crochet.

1. Use Crochet as a Secondary Embellishment – Keep the added texture minimal by using a smooth, differing style of embellishment as the dominant element (credit)

2. Use Crochet to add Movement – Use the placement of crocheted pieces in different sizes to walk the eye through the page (credit)

3. Use Crochet for Contrast – Add a bit of surprise and whimsy to ultra-minimal pages (credit)

4. Use Crochet as a Focal Point – Let the heft of your crocheted embellishment speak for itself, without competition (credit)

5. Use Crochet to Balance Photos – Complete a visual triangle with a larger, more interesting crocheted embellishment (credit)

6. Use Crochet to “Weigh Down” Page Edges – Heavier embellishments placed at the edge add realism by acting as a visual paper weight to the page (credit)

Have you ever used crocheted embellishments (real or digital) on a scrapbook page? Feel free to link us up in the comments.

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  1. ava-j

    I’ve used a couple in my digi-pages, but not too often.I’m presently teaching myself to crochet, so I will definitely be on the lookout for pretty crochet flowers to make and maybe share as freebies too. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂



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