Shopping for scrapbook supplies can be exhilarating, but it can also be stressful. There are so many choices today – online and off – that it can be hard to make decisions. One of our jobs here at Simple Scrapper is to help you simplify the shopping process. Here are four ways to navigate the ever-growing world of paper and digital products.

1. Shop our Favorites – Each week we add new products to our huge library of industry favorites. We scour the digital and paper shops so you don’t have to! Also, each Winter and Summer, we highlight our favorite lines from the Craft & Hobby Association trade show.

2. Shop by Project or Theme – The quickest path to frazzled is to not have a plan. Strategize at the outset the stories you want to scrap next and focus on building your stash with those ideas in mind. Are you working on projects with these themes?

3. Shop with Loyalty – Sticking with a small selection of stores not only saves you money (from coupon codes and thank you discounts), but also makes shopping easier. Whether its a kit club, local shop or online store, save your sanity by knowing exactly where you can score your favorite lines and receive the best customer service.

4. Shop with a List – Go into a store knowing exactly what you need and why you need it. Browse the galleries to scope out products you love and projects you’d like to complete. Don’t let shiny objects distract you by being prepared in advance.

Do you find shopping overwhelming sometimes? How do you break it down and stay productive at the store?