4 Steps to Stress-Free Scrapbooking #3

Jennifer Wilson

I’m your guide here at Simple Scrapper. Our community helps people find what fills you up and fits your life in memory keeping.

October 28, 2011

Step 3: Stay Motivated with Scrapbooking Classes

Sometimes we all need a little hand-holding and being told exactly what to do. By following the wisdom and instructions of someone else, you are able to see your craft from a new perspective, with fresh eyes and an eager heart. Scrapbooking classes, no matter the topic, remind you that you are part of a strong community of memory keepers. The value is not only in what you create but also the experience of participation.

This week we’re baby-stepping our way to stress-free scrapbooking in celebration of the November 1st launch of our all-new Simple Scrapper premium membership. We’ve cleared out the cobwebs and created space for a super simple program to help you stay inspired month after month.

Membership Feature #3: Online Courses

Every other month in 2012 you’ll be treated to a new class to keep your creative juices flowing, with a live session to help you get the most out of the self-paced materials. As a bonus, you’ll also receive access to our original Light Your Fire course that includes a project, six lessons and four extra mojo-building exercises.

Sample #3: A lesson from Light Your Fire
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