Why Photo Organization is Important

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Have you ever been here? You’re so excited to scrapbook. You just picked up some new supplies you love and know will work perfectly for a recent event. You sit down to get started and you realize that you haven’t even taken those photos off your camera. Oh and “where did I put my camera again?”

We’ve all been in situations where we get the cart before the horse. Your photos are the horse, the element that makes moving forward in scrapbooking possible. Without the horse, you’re going nowhere.

Enter photo organization. The routines, systems, practices and approaches you employ to keep your photos in order are the backbone of your memory keeping. Knowing where your photos are means you are always ready to scrapbook when a memory strikes you or a new product gets your creative juices flowing.

I would even argue that an organized photo library, preferably with at least the date, location and people noted, can be ‘enough’ to call the job done. A basic system ensures that your memories are safe and will give you the best chance of documenting the stories that matter in your scrapbooks. If you don’t tell the important stories, who will?

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