A Simple December Daily: Days 1-13

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I just can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away! Over the weekend I added all the photos I had printed at Sam’s Club to my December Daily album and finished up the additional embellishing. I also got a little ahead with the remainder of the album, planning out exactly what I still need to do and what photos I will take.

What I Have Learned So Far

  • Batch photo printing is very time efficient and cost effective.
  • Pockets are perfect for hiding messing handwriting on shipping tags!
  • I should have made more hand-stamped embellishments beforehand.
  • Non-Christmas paper totally works, but I miss that extra ‘sparkle’.
  • Traditional December Daily albums are very very thick!

December 2011: Days 1-13

The majority of my supplies are listed in my December Daily Foundation post.


  1. Katie

    What do you mean by photo batching?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Editing and sending photos to a commercial printer in one activity vs. doing it daily. I could have waited until the end but doing it halfway through and seeing the finished first half gives you a lot of momentum to finish it off!

  2. Katie

    Oh okay, that makes sense. That’s always how I get mine done. I never ordered them for DD by the day. Not enough hours in the day to do all that!

  3. Dawn

    LOVE it! Maybe I should have done that too. I am waiting. Might have to get a few pages done soon just to see it started! Love your format and photos.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thanks Dawn! Seeing it come together definitely makes it feel totally worth it.

  4. Luisa Morgan

    Am doing one like yours, except that i alter a mini binder and I did choose Xmas papers and tons of non Xmas papers but that match my color scheme. Am loving this project and yes December Daily is real thick!!!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Awesome – can’t wait to see it!



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