Two Minute Tuesday: Focus Journal

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This time of year is both refreshing and a little crazy. The world out there is bombarding us with so many messages and opportunities to finally fix something. If only you grab this complicated system or that multifunction doodad, you’ll be set for life!

So much of the work we actually need to do – to improve ourselves as humans, friends, parents, partners – is on the inside. The easiest way to do this work is by writing. I don’t mean writing on your blog or on Facebook or on your scrapbook pages – I mean writing for you. Writing in a way that releases the ugly stuff and gives you space to invite bright things into your life. Writing that allows you to focus on what is important and true and real.

I wanted to create a small journal that wouldn’t take up a lot of space and was thin enough that I could easily fill it within the year. I didn’t want to create a new obligation for myself, simply a safe space to just be and also guide me towards something greater. I wanted a place to focus – really focus – on a three words (not just one) that resonate with me.

Brave. Bold. Big.

You don’t need anything fancy to get started. You can even just use your computer. I choose a small moleskine notebook for this purpose, with a few simple embellishments to mark it as special. I wrapped two colors of washi tape from front to back and then added 2012 with dimensional letter stickers. I’m ready to go, ready to focus in 2012.

Are you ready to join me?


Two Minute Tuesday is a new occasional series of posts dedicated to teaching you one small thing you can do to make a big difference in your life.

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  1. Rylea

    Spectacular idea……I purchased a couple of plain 6×8 photo/memory books as Christmas gifts and kept one for myself and this sounds like a perfect idea. My book has 60 pages and it will provided at least two pages, more or less, whether adding photo’s or simply journaling through-out the year. It would be an awesome gift for parents, children or grandkids who live far away as mine do. Thanks so much for the awesome inspiration. Can’t wait to get mine started.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I hadn’t thought of including photos – thanks for sharing!

  2. Ali MacDonald

    Looks wonderful Jennifer, I love it. Your chosen words are excellent as well… No sure what mine will be this year!
    Have a super week, thanks for the inspiration! ~ Ali

  3. Marie

    Great Idea. I am going to make a journal/budget book. I recently retired and I need to really budget my money now. I think it will be fun to be able to write down my expenses and journal about new ways to save as I discover them. I have decided to go cash only.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      What a wonderful idea – a way to be practical and turn something that isn’t always fun (saving money) into something you can enjoy and celebrate!

  4. Kelli

    Last summer I got some mini notepads at an office supply store and made my own cover out of File folders. These little notebooks are fun to make and you can use any paper.

  5. Bronny Koch

    thank you for the tip Jen……. I need to find one word that will help me get started!!!!! lol

  6. Jodie M

    When you say writing to release the ugly stuff, do you mean that this will be where you write the bad thoughts and negative type stuff? If so, would you then keep the journal or throw it away? Just wondering because I think for me that might make me more inclined to dwell on the bad stuff rather than let it go.
    Or do you mean something else entirely?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      What I mean is this: When you put all the things weighing on your heart down on paper, you are better able to understanding them, to process them, to let them go. It’s not about dwelling but putting a name to that bad stuff and taking away its power to control you, hurt you or bring you down.

      I intend to keep my journal, but I can see that some might want to throw it away.

      Your focus journal doesn’t have to include anything negative at all – do whatever works for you to get you headed in the direction you want to go. For me personally, moving forward means dealing with some of my mental baggage first.

  7. Tiff

    Wow Jennifer! I have 2 words that I want to focus on this year as well…steadfast and mindful! Excited to use a journal and maybe add a few pics along the way…not as a scrapbook but purely a journal to help me move forward! Thanks for your wisdom! God bless you in your journey.



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