Two More Ways to Scrapbook Baby

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Yesterday, I provided a glimpse into my baby book, explaining how I used a hybrid of techniques to document my pregnancy and daughter’s birth. As she is nearly six months old (time flies!), I am excited to put the finishing touches on the album very soon.

That 5.5×8.5 album is just one facet of how I am keeping our memories of Emily. I prefer to avoid huge, overwhelming projects that are difficult to maintain. Instead, I like to create pages and projects that tell specific stories while I rely on shortcuts to make it easier. In this article, I will share two more ways I am scrapbooking my baby and the specific stress-free solutions I use.

1. Single Page Stories

Shortcuts: sketches & templates, One Line A Day journal

Over the past year I have done a lot of album projects, mini books and fun crafty projects. I kind of got away from my roots in creating individual scrapbook layouts. As part of my commitment this year to create 80 pages, I’m scrapping some of the more meaningful stories of my daughter using templates from the premium membership. Having a page design ready to go means a lot of the work has already been done for me.

As I’ve mentioned before here, I love to write but I’ve never gotten into the habit of regular journaling. This year I’ve committed to changing that for myself by writing in my One Line a Day journal. I had seen five year and ten year journals for a while now, but a new and very affordable version on Amazon (discovered via Ali Edwards and her 52 Creative Lifts series) made this a good choice for me in 2012 (to 2017!). I started January 1 but plan to go back to my daughter’s birth date and fill in stories from email, saved IMs and social media status updates.

Often there is a specific story I want to tell (more than a specific photo to scrap) and having these dated details is helpful for matching up the story with a photo from the same time period. I am really enjoying getting back to basics in my scrapbooking and am looking forward to continue my exploration of paper this year.

2. Monthly Hybrid Album

Shortcuts: Divided page protectors, journaling with Gmail, printable journal cards (download below)

I’ve been slowly building this album as I have had time. In it, I am coupling a photo from each month with a hybrid journal card written in the form of a letter. Right now I’m taking photos of Emily on her birthday each month, but I imagine as she gets older this album will evolve into highlighting one photo of her plus one story about “right now” in her life.

I am using 8×8 divided page protectors from We R Memory Keepers to hold my photo and journaling card. This is definitely a work-in-progress. I want to add in embellishments to the small pockets on the left (2″x4″), but I have not yet determined how I want to do that. If you have an idea, I would love if you left a comment for me.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of this album here on the Simple Scrapper blog as it grows over time. I love how I can insert photos and cards as I print them, easily seeing where I still need to do some work.

Free Download
Use this print-ready 4×6 journal card template to customize your own cards with digital papers and your story. Built-in bleed area and trim lines (instructions included) will ensure that your words don’t get cut off.

Download the template with a Free Membership

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  1. Lori

    Thanks for the template! Fun!

  2. Cindy aka Scrapcollectr

    You are reminding me that I have stories to tell. I’m very behind and I’m realizing that my sons will more appreciate having organized photos and stories than knowing I made homemade cards for everyone. The smaller canvas is a tempting outlet but I’m determined to get back to the 12×12. Thanks for the inspiration. *smile*

  3. Barbara Edelman

    I love the idea of using the 2×4 pockets for some little added detail. I have a couple of albums like this which I may hunt down and use for photo/journal card layouts. For your 2×4 pockets, off the top of my head, maybe random stuff like receipts for diapers or gift tag from baby gift bag adhered to cardstock in color which harmonizes with journal card color/pattern. Maybe a couple of tiny floral stickers to finish it.

  4. Julie

    Thank you so much for this journaling card. I have completely changed to digital scrapbooking and your scrapbook made me want to do some simple scrapping again – I love that two-up album with as picture in one slot and journaling in the second!! I’m inspired so thanks so much!!

  5. Hetty

    Wonderful baby book idea. I found your website and want to do this. Not very handy in digital stuff. In what program do I open the templates and work on them.

  6. libbywilko

    Love the journaling card ! I’ve been reading the blog via a feed and had to come see the real deal to get it 🙂



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