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Today’s regularly scheduled weekly update and weekend reading has been preempted by a very special announcement:

This is Simple Scrapper’s 1000th post!

It has been an incredible run so far and I feel like we’re just hitting our stride. I’m so looking forward to continuing to serve you with the best solutions for your scrapbooking challenges in the next 1000!

In honor of this special anniversary, I’ve asked our team members to select some of their favorite posts from the past three and a half years.

Jean Manis says:

The Simple Scrapper post 12 Springtime Moments to Scrap inspires me to continue my memory keeping with a focus on photos of the everyday. Additionally, the post provides restorative “eye candy” for this Pacific Northwesterner longing for sun-filled spring days.

Amy Kingsford says:

As a person who could stand to add a little more journaling to her pages from time to time, I am always looking for useful tips to get inspired about telling more of my story with words. Simple Scrapper’s article Where to Find The Words for Scrapbooking pointed me towards some great new resources for finding the right words for my scrapbook pages when I’m stuck.

Ronnie Crowley says:

As someone who has recently had a computer crash and lost some none scrapbooking files (but got back 95% of everything) I think we could do with a reminder, like the one in Keeping Your Backups Safe, on a regular basis to look at our backups and make sure we backing up everything we would miss.

Margrethe Aas Johnsen says:

I want to highlight this article Find More Stories in Your Photo Sets because I am definitely a moment scrapper. Most of the time I scrap, it’s not so much about the event that took place – however big or small it might be – but to catch a feeling, that little moment in time. As the article says, one way to do that is to re-use photos. A photo on one page can express something very different than the same photo on a different page.

Brianna Marshall says:

I have become far more interested in the storytelling aspect of scrapbooking as of late, but my chosen photos has always been a struggle. I tend to go for the “pretty” photos first, but I need to remember that sometimes those don’t tell the story in the best ways. Make Peace with Imperfect Photos is a great reminder that this is alright!

Aimee Maddern says:

Modular Scrapbooking with Instagrams really spoke to me. I am crazy in love with instagram right now. Instagram allows you to capture those little moments in a big way. I purchased some of these page protectors, and already have added a page to my project life album.

Michele Holcomb says:

I love seven tips in Simple Ideas for Scrapbooking Birthdays. Specifically, my favorite ideas include scrapping what’s important to that the birthday person and having their voice show up the page. Most of my stories are my thoughts, so having my children’s perspective reflected on a layout will be worth it to them down the road.

Jess Forster says:

Hello my name is Jess and I am a perfectionist. Although scrapbooking is my hobby of choice, I have spent too many a night worrying that my pages aren’t perfect. Enter in Simple Scrapper and Jennifer’s philosophy of Make Good Enough the Perfect Choice. It has allowed me to leave the guilt behind and gave me permission to enjoy this wonderful hobby. Congrats to Simple Scrapper on 1000 posts…..here’s to a thousand more!

Mandy Ross says:

What is Enough in Scrapbooking spoke volumes to me as I am always trapped in a cycle of guilt when it comes to my scrapping. Either I’m not spending enough time documenting the memories or not enough time making the memories. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with these feelings and have found that it’s easiest to try to be happy with what I can get done.

Now it is your turn! Leave a comment sharing how Simple Scrapper has affected your memory keeping or your life. One commenter will be randomly selected after 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 7 to receive a one year Simple Scrapper Premium Membership.

The giveaway has closed. The winner is Jennifer Smith-Sloane!

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. Nathalie

    From the start Simple Scrapper has been a great source of reflexion about my hobby. I love the links you provide to great articles that go beyond just the tutorial or the prettiness, if you know what I mean.

  2. Michelle

    Oh this is FANTASTIC!! Will be coming back to this post as all the topics are amazing!

  3. Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    Totally amazing to think that you have reached 1000 posts! I look forward to all the 1000s in the future! πŸ™‚

  4. Bunnyfreak

    The templates help me save time. I love the chats for new ideas.

  5. Bernice J

    I go to the Simple Scrapper website each and every day, and get so much inspiration from the topics and ideas shown. As a result, I have become so much more confident and knowledgeable in the layouts that I create; I am more able to enjoy the process without stressing about perfection.

  6. Colleen

    I love all of your ideas for scrapping like organizing, ideas, etc. I love all of the templates to use when my own mojo isn’t working sometimes. They also give me great ideas. There is a lot of inspiration and fun from all of the info shared on this site. Thanks for all your hard work!



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