How to Stay Uninspired

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I asked some of our members today about their biggest scrapbooking inspiration problems. Their challenges had nothing to do with a lack of inspiration and everything to do with too much of it.

With storage solutions for every need, our society has made it the norm for us to become collectors. We save our magazines in those pretty storage boxes, scrapbooking supplies in craft totes and all things magical on Pinterest.

Think about it. How much time do you spend organizing ideas vs. using them?

The ease of gathering and saving ideas is actually working against us.

We have become paralyzed by our own initiative to seek and save inspiration. We spend too much time searching and not enough implementing.

The Low Inspiration Diet

Last week I wrote about how less will get your more and this holds 100% true when it comes to inspiration.

You don’t need that much inspiration. You can’t (and probably won’t) use it all. My best advice for staying inspired is to drastically reduce your intake.

Think about the last thing that inspired you to create, as in actually take action. Got it?

Now where did it come from? I am guessing it probably wasn’t from a magazine or Pinterest. But where are you spending your time?

To begin your low inspiration diet, you’ll eliminate all sources of inspiration that aren’t leading to actual productivity. Choose only the one source the most compels you to create.

Commit to at least one week and monitor how you feel. I’ve actually done this myself. When I reduced the incoming sources of inspiration, I found more time to make pages and felt more motivated than ever.

Over time, I’ve developed new routines that have virtually eliminated inspiration overwhelm, like reading blogs only once a week. A low inspiration diet can help you find more focus and meaning in your scrapbooking, reducing those feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm.

With a membership at Simple Scrapper you receive access to a huge creative library, including an easy project that helps you find inspiration within your own photos and stories.

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  1. Julie Kelley

    This is so true! Being overwhelmed is so very common! Information overload. I love your challenge of keeping inspiration to one location for a week. Let’s see how I fair!

  2. Trish Allard

    Timing is everything…as I was reading this blog, I was re-sorting and re-shelving all my card and scrapbooking catalogs and mags…I will re-think these pieces of heavy material (emotionally and physically)…and only shelve what I will look at once a week. Thanks Jennifer! (again :0) )



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