How would you edit this photo?

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I love this straight-out-of-camera photo of my daughter, but it needs something. It needs an artful and/or skilled hand to make it greater. I have a couple of ideas, but I thought we could do a little experiment.

Why don’t YOU edit this photo?

You can download my unedited DNG and JPG files using the link below. Then, share your interpretation and (briefly) how you did it using the linky embedded in this post!

In case you’re new to post-processing photos, I found this great YouTube video that walks you step-by-step through bringing a very high contrast photo to life. Note: If you’ve never worked with RAW files before, you’ll need the Adobe Camera Raw plugin to use my DNG file.

Submit Your Edited Photo

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  1. amber

    How does this work? Do you want us to create our own blog post with the edits and then link back? I’ve never done something like this before, but I did play with your photo and edit it!

    amber 🙂

    • Jennifer

      You can upload your image (<2MB) using the "linky" in this post. You start with "Click here to enter". You can create a blog post instead, but it's not required.

  2. amber

    Got it, linked it, thank-you!!

  3. Michelle Barra

    I love #3!! She’s adorable!


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