C is for Count it All

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The ABCs of Simple Scrapbooking is a 26 week video series. In each episode, I’ll explore one fundamental idea of stress-free memory keeping.

C is for Count it All

One of my favorite parts of scrapbooking in 2012 is the lack of rules and boundaries. Scrapbooking and memory keeping can be anything you want it to be. From layouts to Project Life and mini books to Facebook posts, there are an array of options for capturing stories in a way that fits your lifestyle. All you need to do is choose!

The key to success, however, is knowing what fits on your plate and letting go of the rest. With so many options, it can be easier to overload and then feel frustrated that you can’t do it all. No one expects you to – I know I certainly don’t! This more flexible approach to scrapbooking means every little step you take counts for something and you can let go of that guilt.

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Tell Your Story

I would love to hear your voice in this conversation about the breadth of modern memory keeping. What do you “count” when it comes to scrapbooking? Do you have any fun tools that help you keep it all organized?

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