The ABCs of Simple Scrapbooking is a 26 week video series. In each episode, I’ll explore one fundamental idea of stress-free memory keeping.

D is for Digital

I consider myself an equal opportunity scrapbooker. There are advantages and disadvantages to any medium, technique or approach. I do have a particular fondness for digital, in part because it is how I developed my passion for memory keeping.

Additionally, even the most basic digital skills such as cropping photos and adding text overlays are super useful to have for any scrapbooker. In this episode, I’ll share more about why digital is important to me and a few ways it is useful for simple scrapbookers.

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Tell Your Story

I would love to hear your voice in this conversation. Does digital scrapbooking add simplicity to your memory keeping? If you’ve never tried digital, why do you think that is?

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  1. Katie

    In theory it should make scrapbooking easier for me as I don’t have to physically store stuff and take up even more room in my already bursting office. But since I already have all the paper goodies it’s not really simplified things because of the learning curve such as what to do with a layout once it’s finished. Where to print questions etc.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      When I finish a digital page, I save it as a high resolution JPG and then send to Persnickety Prints for printing. (Or rather, I send them all of my digital pages a couple of times a year.)

    • SWJenn

      I do the same as Jennifer – I print 12×12 and 8×8 pages at Persnickety. They are awesome, the color is perfect, and they’re 200 year archival quality. Then I put them into post bound albums and they’re hard to distinguish from my paper pages.

      I think digital simplifies scrapping for me because there’s no setting up or cleaning up. No needing to clean off the table so we can eat dinner, or taking up a room of my house with supplies. If I have 10-15 mins I can work on a layout, and when I put it away, everything is right where I left it when I come back, no wasting time looking for stuff!

  2. Jackie Bodick

    Love digi scrapbooking. I started with paper scrapping and loved it but when I tried digi I never went back. I love the endless paperkits and emblelishments, which you can get free all over the web and the no clean up too. I go to crops w/friends and all I have to do is close my laptop. Love It. I do my own printing with my fab Epson wide format printer,the layout look stunning!

  3. Mary

    I love digital scrapbooking because it allows me the flexibility to create a layout using digital tools. With these digital tools I can manipulate the paper and embellishments to create incredible layouts. Blend modes are one of my favorite tools. :O)

  4. Susan Todd

    I am a little scared to try digital! A little overwhelming. Need to take baby steps :). All of the pages are beautiful!

    • Jennifer


      One of the easiest ways to try out digital (if you already have PSE) is to download a free template and a free kit. We have templates here at Simple Scrapper (and there are tons on the web). If you go to the digital area of Two Peas in a Bucket and search by price (low to high), you can see all their free digital products:

      Hope this helps!


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