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In My Studio is a new series highlighting projects I’m working on and will replace the Weekly Recap on Fridays.

We spent last week in northern Michigan, enjoying our third consecutive year renting the same house. It was a much-needed retreat for our family. After eleven months with a wee one in the house, I knew I wanted to keep my memory keeping for this trip super basic and totally doable.

In addition to my Polaroid 2×3 printer, I brought one of my 4×6 mini books, a roll of washi tape, a set of Thickers and some journaling stickers. If I knew there wouldn’t be scissors at my destination, I probably would have toted those along too. With just these items, I was able to complete the majority of my album while on the trip.

I collected memorabilia each day from each family member and then sat down in three sessions to work on the book. I wasn’t feeling well the last day, so the last session was here at home. By limiting my supplies, this mini book project came together so easily. It focuses on the photos and stories, but still has plenty of color and embellishment.

Here’s a video tour of the completed album:

Ready to make a mini? Check out our resource page on mini books.

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  1. Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    Your mini album is too cute! I love how much you were able to include in such a small space. What a great treasure to have from your trip!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thanks Jenn. It was so fun and came together quickly. I will likely use this approach for many trips in the future.

      The only challenge was the printer itself. I will write a good review on it sometime, but it is just average. You need to clean the print head every 1-2 prints by feeding a sheet through backwards. Also, you can only print directly from your camera or an Android phone (or perhaps others) – but it is not compatible with iPhones. That said, without having the photos right there, it wouldn’t be the same – so the drawbacks were worth it.

  2. Katie

    Really cute, I love the extra pockets you made and the postcards you added for journaling.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thanks, I loved the little pockets too – will definitely use that technique again!

  3. Ronnie Crowley

    Jennifer – do you not worry about the receipt fading? The paper they print them on from my experience fades badly. I’ve have now started to scan and print so I know they will last.
    Love how you added the postcards. Great way of getting more space

    • Jennifer

      Underneath each receipt I wrote the gist of why I included it. Since we were in a small town, the receipts I taped in were actually printed old-style. The grocery and gas receipts were on that slick paper that will likely fade. I try not to worry about it too much.


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