The ABCs of Simple Scrapbooking is a 26 week video series. In each episode, I’ll explore one fundamental idea of stress-free memory keeping.

F is for Filter

I fell sick over the weekend and was forced to examine my priorities. When life throws us a curveball, we must adapt. The thing is, we most often come out fine on the other end.

In this video I share some ideas about how to implement those same strategies we use automatically when we have to, but by choice. In learning to use filters to screen out clutter (of all kinds), we can pare back to what really matters most.

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Tell Your Story

I would love to hear your voice in this conversation. Leave a comment below with a specific filter you can implement to screen out or eliminate something you’re sick of.

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    • Jennifer S. Wilson


  1. Cheryl M

    Great message Jennifer. It was just what I needed to hear today.
    I hope you’re feeling better real soon!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thanks Cheryl.

  2. Erika @ Scrapbook Obsession Blog

    Isn’t it amazing how the world doesn’t fall apart when we don’t accomplish those Code Red items on our To Do lists? LOL I’ve actually discovered a phenomenon {I like to call it The Procrastinator’s Rule} where if you leave something on your To Do list long enough, it eventually disappears on its own 😉

    As for screening things out, I purposely don’t do Facebook or Pinterest because I already have enough online time-suckers. I also make a conscious effort to not watch too much of the news – enough to be informed but not so much I get all wrapped up in it. And those e-mail forwards? Straight to trash – oops!

    Great video, Jennifer. Hope you’re feeling better soon! {{Hugs}}

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Your Procrastinator’s Rule is so true. I had a nice-to-do item on my list for over a month and I finally realized “I don’t want to do it”… so I didn’t. It was very liberating to just admit to myself that priorities/goals/ideas/good-intentions change and that’s totally OK.


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