Scrapbooking with the Seasons

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This post is from team leader and contributing writer Jean Manis.

A few months ago I realized that over the past year, I’ve begun to scrap with the seasons. What does that mean exactly? Whether I’m scrapping present day events or something from the past, I am drawn towards photos, and even more importantly stories, from the current season. By scrapping with the season, rather than out of season, I’m noticeably more productive. I’m more productive because I’m enthusiastic about the stories I want to tell. Let me explain.

I no longer scrap chronologically. This was a huge step in increasing my productivity. I simply don’t think about layouts in terms of what I have or haven’t scrapped. I’m not concerned that there’s a story, photo, event or activity from the past that hasn’t been scrapped.  If there’s a story that I haven’t told yet, it’s either not important or I’ll eventually get to it. I’m not concerned about when the story took place, this year, or ten years ago–it doesn’t matter.

Seasons Connect Past with Present

The signs of the present season–its colors, its smells, the change in temperature, the pine cones and leaves falling–trigger memories and feelings that help me connect easily stories that took place in the fall. I naturally begin to reflect on past autumns during the current autumn season–trips to the pumpkin patch, those first days of school, apple picking adventures. As a family we might be talking about something we did this time last year, or this time five years ago. The past memories become present ones.

Having those stories forefront in my mind means that I can more easily write the story and make a connection with the photos and products to tell that story. I would find it difficult to document an Easter morning egg hunt while I’m looking at falling leaves outside. I simply wouldn’t be motivated to work on a project that had so little to do with what was going on at the moment, even if the photos were taken just six months ago. Being enthusiastic about the subject of my scrapbook layout fuels my creativity.

Additionally, the scrap products in the stores, both traditional and digital, are geared towards the seasons, making it easier to find season-appropriate supplies for my scrapping. The blogs of scrap suppliers, the online galleries, as well as print publications feature inspirational season-related layouts. Inspiration for scrapping in the current season is readily abundant.

Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that I create heavily-themed pages. I use embellishments sparingly and my paper choices are subtly geared towards the seasons. My use of the season is most prevalent in my connection with the story.

Examples of Seasonal Scrapbooking

To tell the story of my eldest son returning to college for his last quarter, I chose a variety of papers from Echo Park in masculine patterns and colors. A traditional back-to-school layout for a college senior just wouldn’t work. But it is back-to-school season and I feel a strong connection to that. I see the students walking to school during my daily walks with my dog, and I am reminded of walking with my sons to their elementary schools.


Last fall, I documented my youngest son’s last year of high school. He started college last fall, so I was telling his back-to-school story from the year before. A page heavy on back-to-school supplies would be inappropriate for the subject, so I chose supplies that subtly hint at the theme.


Finally, I also scrapped an apple picking trip from years ago. In this case, I liked the fall-themed papers and embellishments that I saw at my local scrapbooking store and knew I had a story to tell from when my sons were much younger.


I can’t wait to scrap more stories from this autumn and to dive into my photos to tell a story or two from previous ones. Are you similar to me?

Do you find yourself scrapbooking memories from the past that are related to the season of right now?

Did you find this post helpful?

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