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All year long I’ve been sharing some fun ideas on the Ella Publishing blog as part of my duties as an Ella Friend for 2012. I’ve shared many of these links via social media and also in some individual blog posts, but I thought it would be nice to gather them together for you!

  1. Celebrate the Best of 2012 with an Easy Mini Book
  2. Five Favorites from CHA Summer 2012
  3. Repurpose an Infant Crib Spring for Keeping Memories
  4. Matching Patterned Paper
  5. Start Pages Faster with Simple Grids
  6. Together: Scrapbooking Family Perspectives on Baby’s Arrival

I’ve loved being on a team again and am excited about joining the Big Picture Classes family for the remainder of 2012. So much talent in one place; it’s going to rock!

Oh and if you haven’t checked out the latest Ella eBook: Meaningful Minis, it’s totally time. Elizabeth Dillow shares some really clever ideas for easy mini projects that tell great stories!

Note: I’m traveling with my little girl tomorrow so this post also serves as your weekend reading. Make sure you check out lots of other fab posts from my fellow Ella Friends and the huge library of affordable reading opportunities in the Ella eBook shop! I’ll be back on Monday with some big news for you. 

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